Our Heroes and Heroines



A poem that I wrote honoring all of my fallen sisters and brothers in uniform on this very solemn day. Let us never forget their sacrifice.

"From the deep, wet trenches of Flanders Field,
way back in World War One,

To the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan...
nobody can ever forget what you have done.

You protected our freedoms and values from tyranny!
You fought to protect us until your very last breaths...

And now we set aside this day to honor you all and remember
that our liberties were paid for by all your tragic deaths.

No longer will "Mama", ever welcome her son back home....
No longer shall the neighbor's wife ever taste her husband's kiss.

Now the happy reunion between a Marine and her family
is something that they shall all mournfully miss.

No longer will that lanky, red-headed plow boy,
return to tending his fields on the farm.

No longer shall the woman next door make love to her wife....
for she died in battle while protecting our nation from harm.

It's because of the sacrifice of these heroes and heroines
that we can hold our families close each day and night.

And it's because of their sacrifice, valor, and courage,
that may one day day keep our children from having to fight.

Always remember that this thing we call "Memorial Day",
that we use as a day of barbecuing, frolicking, and fun,

is most importantly a day to remember each dead GI's ultimate sacrifice,
and to respectfully honor what they have done"

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