Immortalem Animum Audi



A viewpoint, expressed in 1993


  You felt that spark of life just then, did you not?  That was I

entering your life.  How, you ask, could that be possible?

  It seems like forever I have travelled ahead of you, looking back 

to see you in the struggles I once shared.  I always was aware of you

and thought about you often.  You, however, always knew I existed;

nonetheless, ignorance of what I was becoming and experiencing was the

frustration that drove you away from me.

  I am with you now because I have reached the end of my lifetime.

I can now incite you with energy of things to come.  We travelled

on the same track of time; yet, we were distances apart.  I have

finished my journey and now I am here with you.

  Some day, indeed, you will be where I was just a short while ago.

You will look back upon yourself and realize the foolishness I speak

is total wisdom.  What if you could look back and then rejoin yourself

to accomplish more than before.  Indeed, you can right now.

Who I am?  *I am you at a later time, and you have died*.  It should be

no surprise -- you knew it would come.

  I am not here now to alter your life.  I know of the things to come

but cannot share these secrets with you.  I look out from the void

and instead hope to take over completely and live these days

to my fullest.  The time of death is a disclosed secret to you.

However, now that *I* know this sacred date, I can feel it always 

breathing down my back and my mortality's end feels to near.  This is

the first and last reverbation of your soul's end.  Therefore,

you would be wise to heed it from this point forward until your demise.

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