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I watch your shadowy figure


I watch your shadowy figure

Trying to figure you out

You sit there with a mind elsewhere

Gazing into space

Without a trace of emotions

You look lost

Your look confused

The sparkle in yours eyes gone

The music in the background playing

A sad, sad love song

You cup your head in your hands

Recognizing the beat

Wracking your brain

Like a runaway train

We’re both alike

Sat here in this Smokey, Smokey bar

Listening to that

Sad, sad love song

A love we both lost

That does not belong

You ask the bartender for a drink

Drinking our sorrows down the sink

You pull a cigarette from its packet

From there beneath your jacket

A jacket a dinner jacket

Looks like a date has gone wrong

Your tie bedraggled

A red wine stain on your shirt

Oh my do I know that score!

Here I sit cigarette in my hand

A martini on the stand

Trying to hide a red wine stain

Down this wondrous dress

He threw it over me

All because of you!

Yes you across this Smokey, Smokey room

Listening to that dam, dam

Sad, sad love song

You have wrecked so many lives

With your lies and rumours

And now it has come back at you


But I hope that you’ll learn

Learn that you know how it feels

To lose someone you love and loved

So I will just be a face in the crowd

Passing the night away

Losing track of time

Passing these long, long hours away

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

1st December 2014

All Rights Reserved


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