Our government fights battles here, on our own turf; while there is more and more global instability — and a shortage, not enough earth.....

We still have a long way to fall

Buildings were only the beginning

America — Nine-Eleven; watching the Twin Towers, 110 stories each tall

Collapse before our eyes

In truth, the deadly discord began long before

The twenty-first century started off with a bang

Undercurrents: rancid and rotten leftovers of the 1990's

Still festering, far from a finished meal

Or any lasting, brokered deal

Arab Spring — 2011 through 2015

Multiple revolutions, immolation's, war, conflicts and protests seen

Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, Mauritania, Yemen, Egypt, Syria and more

Not all are listed, nor are they shown alphabetically according to their names

Seemingly distant from the Western world, watching each crises

With the ugliest of attendant growing pains


Syria: some thoughts

Humanitarian and rebel aid resupplying efforts should be separated

Definitely easier said than done

That would help the few starving to death; in chaos continued, unabated

Syria: where a quarter of a million people are hanging on for dear life

Women and children, most of the men have been killed; a few are trying to fight

Caught in the crossfire between government, rebel or moderate opposition forces,

The Rebels, al-Nusra or The Front — extremists and now Lebanon's Hezbollah

Enters the fray — of what will not go away!


US and Russian backed forces are slow to agree on any strategy

Never mind successfully imposed and enacted upon

This genocide has been going on far too long

Accounting for a deadly delay and toll

What happens on the ground rapidly outpaces the political machine

Those working on behalf of peace, so far removed from the nightmare,

Progress is slow or  thwarted — surely part of Satan's scheme


As I said, it has been going on far too long

The few, remaining left-behind, find themselves fertile ground

Available food and resistance is continually shrinking

At the hands of a wise enemy — infiltrating

Borders, cities, strongholds, minds, hearts and thinking

You will do whatever is necessary to feed your children

Few civilians care for Assad; the "lucky" have already left

For a nightmare of their own


Only 250,000 people — not a huge number; until you are one of them

But, let one person be questionably killed here in the U.S.

Oh, how we rise and take to the streets with signs then!

Where is the concern for the world collapsing around us?

Our government has been fighting wars far to the left, on our own turf

While there is more and more uncontained global instability, one can only do so much

When there is simply not enough earth.




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