clamp a kiln. bender a shelter

some kind of permanence 

a bender in the 



slow decomposition 

tender restoration


it's place a drift

as if 

coalescence made it

float through trees


within. the charcoal maker

the makers wife

and scurrying creatures

with feet and paws


without . smoke. wisps of

first industry leading to

harvested piles seasoning 

by breathing clamps.


points of turf covering 

designed stacks. an inferno

strangled by it's master

briar hanging loosely

tasting tobacco while listening 

for betraying crackles and looking

for beacons of yellow showing as cracks 

in dried earth.


fire here is burning money.

burning time


they have none to spare


behind him stacked in sacks

charcoal dry and ready for

Jack the cannon maker.


where finally the fire suppressed by

the maker would burn in forced 

air with anger enough to

melt iron. Blast the sky with

sparks and toast Jack's leather.


in the woods the smoke rise and fell

while the master






the whispering clamps

in a clearing.

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