Satiating hunger

Down sinks the sun

Over long forgotten hills

Inside the sepulcher an ancient creature wakes

Outside she is tattered and gaunt, a picture of woeful decadence

Within she holds a burning thirst for the saline sweetness of blood

Without which she would succumb to death’s finality


Throughout the land night settles

Into the darkness she descends

On a quest that shall never end

Against a curse that will last eternal

About the village she steals

As silent as the gentle nightly breeze

Amid the living the dead do lie

Of the life-blood they are drained

In the latent horror she does imbue

Upon the city in her frightful curse of immortality

At last the moon wanes, flecks of light mottle the horizon

Toward the monolithic sepulcher she directs her frantic flight

Through the town the death-cry starts

Behind her the town fades quickly

As she reaches her sanctuary, she secures the entrance

To rest safely in her grave, ‘til the hunger comes again

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