Love Story


But it’s just how I feel for you

You’re always on my mind

And here you are so kind, kind

I’m so, so lucky

Oh the angels knew

That it was you

And here I look!

And feel as if I am heaven

Oh boy I wasn’t meant to fall for you

My soul singing

My heart ringing 

Oh what a great feeling

You’ve touched this woman

Like no other man has done

Oh boy I want to sing and dance

Oh boy I want to spend my life with you!

Oh boy you make me feel so fortunate

Blessed, blessed

And you are here

And I am here

Oh boy I wasn’t meant to fall for you!

My heart is rocking and rolling

My head ringing and singing 

Oh boy now you are my destiny

Oh my love, love 

From the heavens above

I never want this feeling to end!

Oh, oh whoa

When you touch me

You send shivers down my spine

Oh boy this is all mine!

Oh boy this is so, so real

Surreal, unreal

I don’t want to hide

Let all this reside

Oh boy I wasn’t meant to fall for you!

Now I am in a trance

With just one glance

From you, you

And now please don’t let me go

Oh boy now I am in your paradise

You are the light in the darkness

Where there was once so much starkness

You have me enraptured, captured


I cannot keep my eyes off you

And always in my thoughts

I shouldn’t have fallen for you!

Boy you have become irresistible

Your eyes alluring

Seductively tantalizing

 You have this wondrous hold over me

A hold that I never want to be free

Free, free

Oh how I miss you when you are gone

Gone, gone

Oh boy this is love, love

And one that I won’t want to let go of

Miss you nights, nights

Cannot wait for those special nights

Enwrapped, enwrapped in your arms

Body to body

Lips to lips 

Our bodies heating in pure ecstasy

Out of control!

Oh boy I wasn’t meant to fall for you!

Oh such sweet, sweet memories

I’m forever yours

When I close my eyes you are there

This is not fantasy

This is reality

And now I am missing you

Through and through

Missing your sweet, sweet words

Missing your sweet, sweet smile

Oh boy now I have fallen for you

So deep, deeply

Sweetly, sweetly

Completely, completely

And hoping this will never end

End, end

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

11th April 2016

All Rights Reserved

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