Feeling of love, real love

Love is a really a good feeling,

To be felt and experienced.

True love isn't conventional.

It doesn't come around frequently,

Also, that is the manner by which

You'll know it's honesty to goodness.

When you feel it, you truly feel it.

You feel full in the vicinity of love.

It can suspend time,

Making the entire world appear,

To be  standing still,

With the exception of you and your love.

It enriches you more than any nourishment.

There’s an immeasurable distinction between,

Love and true love.

True love isn't felt instant,

or in a brief moment look.

It requires time to develop.

Love at first sight,

Doesn’t generally cherish by any means.

It is only a fascination.

True love is Magical, not Magic

It's not an enchantment spell

That guarantees joy forever.

It is Faith, that realize its worth.

All that you do,

Has somebody's heart attached,

With it.

Genuine love Is Reciprocal ,

The same love and affection given,

To you ought to be what you give back.

It is brilliantly shared.

True love accepts

And  acknowledges defects

Or shortcomings.

It is a Choice ,

Between  passion and love.

True love is thinking back,

Holding your partners hand,

And appreciating all the good things,

You decided to do together.

All I know is that, to me,

These things characterize “True love”.

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