The Ghosts of Nechtansmere (based on a true story)



strange occurrence

January 2, 1950

Miss S-- decides to head off home after a splendid evening

Cocktails, dancing, laughter, gregarious company

The perfect party to welcome in the new decade

Weariness and contentment grapple in harmony

She climbs into her car, faithful dog by her side

Off they go into the night, a ten-mile journey she knows so well

Brechin to the small village of Letham, her humble home

Two miles into her journey and all is well

When suddenly her car skids on black ice

And veers into a ditch

Thankfully, Miss S-- and her dog are unharmed

But her car is rightly stuck

Miss S-- decides to walk home

An eight-mile trek along a dark country road

But she has her little dog for company

The walk is uneventful, lonely and cold

Admittedly, she feels slightly disquieted 

By the darkness of the night

And the continual deathly silence

But the thought of her warm bed pushes her on

Only a mile and a bit to go

Soon the first house of the village will appear

Her little dog is feeling the pace

Poor thing

Miss S-- carries him on her shoulder

And walks on

The time is nearing two in the morning

Exhaustion has set in

Not long now

The crest of Dunnichen Hill appears

Miss S-- smiles thinly

The homeward straight has come

Thank goodness, she thinks

Suddenly she feels the dog's body stiffen

Followed by a whine and a growl

Miss S-- is not overly concerned

He's probably seen a small animal

She attempts to soothe her dear companion

But even her soft words fail to stifle his agitation

Miss S-- is far too tired for this

So she continues on her way

When ... something catches the corner of her eye

She sees lights in the distance

Moving lights

She walks on, her eyes never leaving the lights

To her utter surprise, she witnesses several figures

Figures holding flaming torches

A few moments later Miss S-- looks to her right

And sees a second group of torch-wielding figures

The dog continues to growl

Miss S-- is fearful of her dog barking

Alerting the figures

A mere fifty yards separate Miss S-- from the figures

The flaming torches reveal a group of men

Dressed most strangely

Brown tights


Roll collars

Torches flaming bright red

Then to her utter horror

Miss S-- notices that the men are searching the ground

They are tuning over bodies

Bodies of the deceased

Bodies of fallen men

Miss S-- takes great fright

And hurries home

Twenty years pass before Miss S-- tells of her strange experience


The Battle of Dunnichen or the Battle of Nechtansmere

20  or 21 May AD 685









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