Fading Memories




As I grow older, my memories fade

People and places, gone or mislaid

Yet certain things remain deep in my mind

Etched like a tattoo, simple to find

My childhood is vague, drifting away

A dispersing cloud that refuses to stay

Recalling my past becomes a great task

Sifting through retentions behind a black mask

Loved ones, old friends, those I once knew

So many people have become so few

Frustration takes over, pushing me down

In a sea of confusion, waiting to drown

A woman I see, who once was my wife

Pulled from my thoughts, gone from my life

Children I treasured and perched on my knee

I think I had two or possibly three

I sit like a tombstone, encased in a shell

Imprisoned, silent, my personal hell

As everything dims, my brain ceasing to be

This isn't life; I yearn to be set free

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