Adoration Eyes



Whispers of my muse...I express only a portion of all that I feel for the limitless creature that has made my life mental, messy, excitable, and best of all worth while.

I'm desperate to feel alive. I want to unleash what rages beneath my skin. I'm full of passion, yet no one has any inkling of what's inside.
I want to show him just how his beauty has impacted the world. How his vice can bring hope, even in the darkest of times.
He needs to know just how far I would go for his love. I often feel as if he is a child, lost in the dark, when it comes to matters of romance.
His body longs for touch, just as his soul longs for companionship.
He's too afraid to unlock his doors and allow his wall to crumble. When will he see that I am the one who holds the key to his world and beyond?
I want to discover every centimeter of him; from the bottom of his soul to the back of his tongue.
I love the way his hair is illuminated in the light and the boyish shyness that is reflected in his smile.
Like December nights in Leipzig and warm summer springs in Magdeburg, he is the perfect contrast.
I dream of the day when his hand will be tightly wound into mine and our fears will slowly melt away.
Through the Swiss Alps and through the monsoon, he never fails to captivate my heart and dill me with a mind blowing sensation. I'm hanging onto every moment, never wanting them to pass, all the while aching to see what will happen next.
I'm drowning in the emotion I posses for him. When will my lonely heart ever be able to express these sentiments to him?
The rain pitter patters against the windows in a manner similar to the tears that fall within my heart. I sit waiting for him, day after day. I love how his eyes sparkle in the rain and how droplets of water drip off his bottom lip.
Perhaps I am nothing more than a pathetic creature, aching for something I can never truly possess. I'm throbbing with anticipation for the day I can draw in my darling's breath; breathe in all that he has inside of him.
The cool water caresses my scalding form, allowing me to breath with clarity. The water licks at my body, like a tongue of flames, leaving me refreshed.
I wonder if he will see beyond the nightmares, see all of me, even the ghosts I desperately want to hide.
His comfort and wrath will radiate me, like the rays of the sun on a summer day.
Consume me like the various addictions that have brought me comfort before.

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