This is how I started my company, the thoughts and emotions behind it.

Yes, I have a dream,

That’s why you don’t see my scream,

At every hurdle and every block,

Trust me, I’m the solid rock.

When I heard about a lack,

When I saw a huge gap,

When I saw the talent,

When I saw lots of loose ends,

When I saw poor presentation,

When I saw sad representation,

When I saw avoidable mistakes

When I saw what it really takes,

That’s when it came along,

A dream with a Journey long, very long,

I decided to accept and relish the Grit,

And so started the Project Favorite,

A project to reach out to ones in need,

Give more and stay away from greed,

Empower the ones with the Passion to show,

Engage the ones who get things done on the go,

The awesome ones, The ones we find The Best,

Take the Favorite Journey, call it FiliQuest.

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There's more where that came from!