This is dedicated to a faux journalist who shall not be named.

You called us snowflakes
Intending to insult
The power we have


Alone, a single snowflake
Has little impact
Our power comes
When we unite


When we gather on the streets
The wise slow down
Considering every move
For their safety and the safety of strangers


We are responsible
For closing schools, businesses, and the government
It happens more frequently in the south
They don’t quite know how to deal with us


Without snowflakes
An entire industry would not exist
One that contributes 3 billion dollars
Annually to our economy


If we don’t gather together
Our rivers dry up
The nation’s crops die
Causing us to rely on imports to survive


You probably didn’t realize
That we absorb the harmful toxins
Cleaning your polluted air
So you can breather easier after a storm


Children love snowflakes
They use us to build forts
Snowmen and women
And snow angels


Keep calling us snowflakes
We will keep gathering together
To clean your air
A provide for your livelihood


Where would you be without snowflakes?

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