Golden child



25/3/2017 A magical moment dedicated to one who is lost

Do not inch your way toward death

in fear and shallow breaths.

Choose and seize life boldly,

claim and stride into your future

by allowing yourself the freedom

to breathe deeply!


It happened again;

A special golden moment

of spirituality and love

turned physical.

My hand on his small hand,

and his smaller one holding hers,

while she clasped mine. 

All our love poured into and through me,

like a conduit of energy

shining light back at the heavens,

powerful to blind the sun!

We sent our hopes and joy out like a beacon,

my vision blurred into an aura of gold,

we glowed.

...and their little voices raised in love,

as I named you, 

and blessed your soul...


Such magic in our family love.


All for you.

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