Just because "Oblivious" is my middle name...



...does not mean I can't play the game. I just prefer to refrain...


 One of the first emissions from this fishy denizen....


 Each day, I wake with a wag, wink n' swim!

I SpLaSh! from my seabed with a sideways, fresh grin!

I praise sky and Earth from every fin to my chin!

Amazed at the mirth in each new day...again! 


 I'm not oblivious, if it doesn't show.

I'm an "offalottafish" but, cognizant and know,

the trouble and grief, the sad, bad and sorrow

but, redouble my belief, we'll grow and be glad tomorrow.


 Oh, I know of world woe and seen what it can do.

The lows humans show can beat the wit out of you.

I can't wage much malaise so I do a minimal few,

at my age, not many days and criminal if I make more blue.

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There's more where that came from!