Faded Star



You were a flare in the air posing as a star...

They say you don't know what you have until its gone 

I think you should take heed to that saying 

because I'm about to move on 

My love is not gone but all sincere care is leaving 

I was suffocating but now I'm breathing 

Releasing the pain love's game has played on me.

I gave you many chances 

hoping your heart would fit mine

but all I did was get booked and  

spend years paying for another man's crime

You were afraid to give me what you gave him

in fear that I may not appear to be who 

you know I am

a grateful man whose hand extended to greet yours 

standing next to you smiling as we walked out of those church doors

But you never unpacked your bags 

so those plans came to an end 

You skipped around with any man that posed of some importance

Saying yes to every offer and every line

then wanting to come over to my place 

because they didn't have the time 

It's funny, there were a lot of women in my view 

but I only saw you

although this wasn't marriage 

I stayed true

I never slid 

but you did

still a kid wanting everything I your grasp

searching for temporary affirmation 

when you were given a love that want too last 

Now you ask "Will you still be a friend? Be someone 

I can depend on when things go wrong?"

You're asking me to be something I've been all along

But I'm sorry, I can't 

I now see what you really are

A flare in the air 

posing as a star

I was blinded by your potential, in love with your drive

now when I look in your eyes

I see nothing but lies

I mourn because I no long see what I use too see

What was once so captivating 

is now just a memory. 


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