Strong intelligence



Deep in my heart 

Feelings I cannot put into words 

Eating at me 

Biting at me 

Feeling like my pain has just been served

Learned to feel conscious 

This is the promise land

Earth thus this unconscious world 

Where nothing is promised 

Being totally honest 

They Train You to slave Work 

You then call it a days work 

At the end of the week 

Most people  will call this paid work 

But are you living your dreams 

Or just living with dreams 

You can do what you want 

Be what you want 

Make some high standards 

Keep climbing and live by your means 

It is a lot of hard work self development 

That is why most would rather have a boss and be told what to do

Work on yourself 

Make yourself relevant 

Mind set of lion 

Built like an elephant 

Human nature gave me the strongest intelligence 

Life is my science experiment .

Written by Tammy Jeffers Wells 


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