"You obviously don't even know who I am"



As a transsexual (originally from North Carolina, no less), I have been appalled lately over the inhuman, anti-trans laws that have been passed there & elsewhere, and I decided to put my feelings into words and share them with the world. Enjoy...

"I awoke this cloudy morning,
and turned on the tele to the same old depressing news...

It was a story about another anti-trans law!
Well, this'll be another day of having the blues!

These conservatives don't even stop to think
that we've had such laws on our books for many years!

It's already illegal to assault folks in a restroom!
Now they're singling people like me out to stoke their irrational fears!

They'll tell you that I'll rape your beloved wife!
They preach that I'll molest your precious child!

They don't depict me for the gentle-hearted person that I truly am!
Instead, they describe me as being vicious, savage, and wild!

They claim that I'm an ungodly blight or plague,
and that I must be eradicated from the earth!

They shout that I'm not even a human being,
and that my life has no actual worth!

Whenever they kill one of my trans sisters out of their hatred,
they'll calmly state, "It was only a faggot wearing a dress".

Another death struck up to intolerant stupidity
that hardly gets a whisper of a mention from the press!

And whenever one of us does something of significance...
something that may even be better for humankind,

the conservative media often plays it down,
and does their best to keep people intellectually blind!

So anyway, today I was wondering aloud to myself,
"Just what can a chick like me do to make a change?"

"How can I get the word out that I'm not a horrid beast,
or something that's sick, twisted, deformed, and strange?!"

Then I decided to do what I do best —
sit down and put my thoughts into prose.

But my poetry, just like my personality, is gritty and real,
and not always bright, and beautiful like a rose!

For instance, I always call the shots as I see them.
There are times when I'll break a nail and yell "Shit!"

But what I write and say comes straight from the hip,
and it's not fabricated one freakin' bit!

I am neither a saint, nor am I a demon.
I am not a rapist, murderer, or a thief.

I am not one to break the law,
or to ever give you drama and grief.

You'll not find my face on a "Wanted" poster.
I've never made the FBI's "Top Ten".

I've never burned down a building to collect insurance.
I'm honest in all my endeavors, and I never cheat to win.

I believe in shying away from what's wrong,
and always striving to do what is right.

But you may still find me out on the dance floor with some beautiful woman,
and enjoying a few drinks every Saturday night!

And although you won't find me doing cocaine,
setting up a meth lab, or eating a 'shroom,

you'll still find me toking a bowl of ganja each evening,
as I lie in bed and stare at the moon from my room!

You won't ever find me sitting in a church pew,
and I was a child the last time I ever sang "Amazing Grace"!

But that doesn't mean that I'm an immoral gossip,
or that I'll stab you in the back while I smile to your face!

Another thing is that contrary to popular belief,
and contrary to what you see on any reality police drama,

is that I'm not a prostitute, or a hooker!
I'd never do such a thing that would humiliate my mama!

Yes it's true, there are stressful times
when I may lose my cool and I'll curse -

like the time I went to buy groceries,
only to learn that I'd forgotten my purse!

Yes, I am one big contradiction!
I can be as dark as night, or as bright as the sun!

And although I can be as somber as a judge,
I also know how to "let go" and have some fun!

I'm nothing more or less, than a person, you see.
My feelings are real, as are my tears.

And just like anybody else on this planet
I, too have dreams, ambitions, and fears!

So before you next judge me through clouded eyes,
and tell others that I'm an unnatural sham,

look back on this poem, and read it more closely.....
because you obviously don't even know who I am!"

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