Apart of the "Dying Generation,"
Death tolls higher than rates of graduation,
In nation not third world,
But the crimes are elevating,
So many innocent victims killed,
Our hearts can't take it,
How many broken hearts,
Do families have to embrace?

Lifestyles they had to change,
Just to transition through life,
Living life, without one less name,
Are we living in a nation deranged or untamed?
Laws supposed to restrict,
But induce more pain,

"Stand your Ground,"
Is that another way of telling us to fight back?
Because the government can't protect us,
With laws that supposed to correct the incorrect in us,
Leaving us to fight toe to toe with these nuts,
That takes guts,
Not many of us have,

This not IraQ but we're fighting a war,
The difference in the feud,
Is due,
To the fact that it's us against the nuts,
Without back up,
So we can fight them,
But making it home to love ones will not be likely for us,
So "Stand your Ground" really protect us?
Or does it continue to scratch out names,
On our family tree,
Daily setting the younger and younger,

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