Ghost Dreams



/ life/ death/ Mum

My Mum Died When i Was only Sixteen

Only Met her once 

I was Fifteen 

I still remember this day 

Like a Nightmares Daydream

Worst part of my life

Was the day that she died

It was a sick scene

Horror Theme

Ringing in my head

She was stuck in a comer

Fighting for breath 

Seven days later i lost her to death

Fuck i just lost the queen in my chess

Another heart skipped a beat in my chest

Neurons in my head stressed

My life was everywhere

Cluttered with mess

Lost the election and could not protest

Lost Every Interest 

Lost all my feelings

Heart just bleeding

Deep cuts not healing

Me just needing

Until i saw the angel in my dreams

It was my mum still breathing 

R.I.P Angel Until we meet again


Poetry Written By Tammy Jeffers Wells



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