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Inspired by a video I saw on Facebook, and also by life experience

It means a great deal

to the value and self-worth 

of a person,

that they know they can contribute

something unique and important.


This means you.


Working a full-time job,

menial or major,

none of us should take it for granted

or feel that our bit does not matter.

It does.


This means you.


Being a parent,

you are directly responsible 

for sculpting the heart and mind

of the next generation,

if that child turns out bad, it's on you.


This means you.


When you get married to someone,

or commit to a relationship of any kind,

your heart and soul should be devoted to giving

and in return you receive because you grow

from the flow on effect of all that love you share.


This means you.


If you do anything, do it with your heart,

make it count in your life

and it will count in the lives of others.

Be soulful and real. 

Be kind and be you.


This means you.


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