I love your landscape,call me Dora,I’m plotting your pretty,far after my eyes have fallen,in defeat, as I fell for you.I grip your gaze,even when I only see it in my dreams.Every night, I rise like Regan,and my core contorts,I search, mole like...

I love your landscape,
call me Dora,
I’m plotting your pretty,
far after my eyes have fallen,
in defeat, as I fell for you.
I grip your gaze,
even when I only see it in my dreams.
Every night, I rise like Regan,
and my core contorts,
I search, mole like,
sensing your sweetness.
Clumsy, I clamour,
for the glamour of your body.
When I awake, I’ll listlessly long for more,
but I have found you in my fantasies,
I fall back to bed,
and dream you are here.

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