Lost in Space-Time



A less than poetic rambling on negating our existence for trivial things


There's a raunchy basement band
rockin’ in the alley--
as I stare at myself in the mirror.
There’s hints of roots-rock;
but the guitarist isn’t that good.
Someone once said,
“the mirror lies,”
and I’m pretty sure it was me.

Am I the face I see, or
is the face I see me?
What dimension is a reflection?
It has the perception of depth,
but there is no depth.
I remember the time I
looked into the mirror
and didn’t recognize the
face looking back.

The music has stopped;
just the electric razor buzzing.
I won’t remember this activity,
it is too routine.
Humans are asleep for most
of their lives
--going through the motions of life
with no memory of
most of the instances.

At a higher level of consciousness,
beyond the physical body,
matter can be manifested into being
using the Golden Ratio or
the Divine Proportion.
Sacred Geometry, the Fibonacci Sequence,
Plato, Euclid, Pythagoras, Thoth, Hermes...
What were they all trying to tell us?

That band is at it again
This time I’ll close the window
and turn up the TV.
I’ll get lost in diversion
and lose track of time
I'll never remember these
thoughts or ponderances
I shall be like the others:
mindless feeders and breeders
caught in the wheel of Kharma
never to achieve “Oneness.”

And when the planet is destroyed
or terraformed again,
or when the Sun fades,
we’ll be nothing in the nothingness
because we forgot to remember
this moment and that
and the next.

I must not fail to realize who I am
or to understand my true self
Otherwise I negate my existence
for meaningless and trivial things.


From the upcoming film loosely based on my latest book,
My Life is a Surrealistic Nightmare

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