The Evil of Covetousness



A look at a country in trouble


The Evil of Covetousness

Grasping guns with hands of straw

Rapaciously roving looking with greed

Overly opining his mind like a craw

Feeding fallaciously until he bleeds 

Conquering countries fully deluded

Begging boisterously, everyone must listen

Never noticing what’s spoken is disputed

Causing confusion and even division

A wondering world looks with concern

Mindlessly mentioning to all that will hear

Intelligent individuals know to discern

Never-less negligently hoping they will not quaere

Thus thoroughly hoping for change

Hoping horrifically to alter our course

It’s immediately time to remove the phalange

Encouraging equity this we must enforce

Praying patiently this we must concede

This tenaciously means we start again

Promising protectively not to impede

Allowing a country to feel comfortable in it’s own skin. 

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