Catfish rides!



Whistling for a cosmic taxi.

 Climb on, sit down, wrap a whisker 'round a wrist.

Time we went around to my home ground of Tethys.

I'm warning you now, you'll be more than breathless

and keep your hands and feet down through the asteroid abyss.


 Once past the moon we can break for a bubble,

cosmic plasma fondue and space fish egg rubble!

I'll grub on stardust and inspect for fin trouble,

then double our hustle to check in on the Hubbell.


 With Mars zipping past, there's a big, bad gas stack

whose charge slinging blast flings us to Saturns' race track.

If I engage my fin landing gear, we'll should all land intact.

Did I mention, I'm staying here and hope you planned a lift back?


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