This is a poem slash story

Louise dreamed of her fantasies that were in her head, carefully not exposing them to the world she knew off. She kept them as secrets for her fantasies were stronger than her own world. She wrote them down in her notebook where she carried her thoughts.  


Ricky knew of something that was up with Louise for he can tell the hidden secrets someone imagined or kept. He trespassed into her room, looking through her notebook, seeing the secrets she kept in her head. Reading them over and over until he finally understood the reasons why. He then informed her relatives and they were quite shocked to hear of this current situation.

Her relatives bugged her and bugged her, pleading her to reveal why she kept them but deep down she knew they couldn't be told. She felt betrayed and angry at Ricky for exposing her fantasies but she knew she had to let them go. They were an escape route to get away from the harm she experienced at school. To make things better than they were.

But she let go, told everyone her fantasies and the reason behind them. They understood why and gave her courage to move on with her life. So she did and felt better. Made new friends and never had these experiences again and her fantasies were washed out into the shores.

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