Ode to Diseases



From an old Nurse-ode to diseases

The old man said to his Son-"Be careful of loose women". Why? said the son. "Women are deceitful and will spend your money -your wife may nag you but she is the one who loves you."

The Son asks his Father-How did you not get that disease? The Father replied-"Because I did not do as my friends did-when they left their wives for other women."  " I took many baths and many showers' I washed my hands and did it the right way."

 "When you were small and touched everything-your mother who loved you the most-kept you clean."

The old woman said to her daughter. "Be careful of loose men." "Wash your hands often-take your showers"

"Trust your woman's intuition-do not have more children that you can afford-as your husband may die." "Daughter-if something smells really bad-it has plenty of germs-stay away from that."


The old Nurse said to the Young man-You have an incurable disease." Why?" he asked. "Because you did as your friends asked."


The old Nurse said to the Young woman-"You have an incurable disease."

"Why?" she asked. "You did as your friends asked."

The young man and the young woman died and were buried.


As the old man looked upon his Son's grave he said to himself-I never taught my son well enough-I listened to my friends and did not have the knowledge to prevent this. I cannot change it now-so I will grieve.

As the old Woman looked upon her Daughter's grave she said to herself-my friends and I had no proper knowledge-I wish I had become a good Nurse. I will now go and grieve.

The old Nurse died at age 101.



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