Follow up to Wrongness

The time has come 

to fight or die

Do you lay down to slaughter or 

smile and lie

You know he's armed

He knows you're not

The wooden platform

your burial plot

So stand your ground

you have to mean it

Fight for your life now

if you want to keep it

The knife hand comes up so slowly

the muted light of the moon

glints on the polished metal 

what's your plan, Stan?

Feel the rage of a hundred bad days

summon the anger you need

The strength is there

in the battery of bad memories

Use that energy now

Let loose your rage as the knife hand comes down

The blade plummets toward your unprotected face

Put a hand up, grab his wrist, and twist

You need a manic rage to get through this

Don't feel bad, you may need to kill

Surviving an attack is a force of will

Nightmares there will be for years to come

Worry about them later as you battle this one

You will be hurt and your flesh will be cut

Blood will flow, yours and his

Accept it now or receive death's kiss

You hear the sirens, they will be too late

To stop the murder that comes with hate

You have one chance to save your life

Knock him out or take away the knife

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