Where is left to land?When you have left your mark across the world?I dashed for nothing,running from no one.I trip out, and trip over,as the sky takes your name.Day is all around,the floor is broken,but there is cuteness to the cracks.The concrete c...

Where is left to land?
When you have left your mark across the world?
I dashed for nothing,
running from no one.
I trip out, and trip over,
as the sky takes your name.
Day is all around,
the floor is broken,
but there is cuteness to the cracks.
The concrete cages are open,
and we’re off to Oz, on the next house.
I’m falling where the fearless fear to float,
I can’t hold back my icy heart a day longer,
for it is melting with desire,
desperately dripping into yours.

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