Sadly adrift



15/12/2016 A reflective poem of loss and melancholy, quite beautiful in its way

I lost you,

somewhere out there,

in this epic journey of our lives.

I had held you,

tightly, safe in my hand...

...but I must have been distracted,

or mad,

and, inexplicably,

my sure grip slipped.

I lost you.


I had always kept you

beside me, safe,

at my right hip.

Until that moment

that replays

like a tragic movie scene,

across the limitless canvas 

of my imagination.

In the silent, screaming, sucking dark

behind my eyes.

That fateful second replays,


over and over...

that terrible moment

you were first gone.

I wish your accusing eyes

would not haunt me so.


I let you go.

I wish I hadn't...

I really did like keeping you,

but the winds of time 

filled you with the promise of tomorrow 

and you drifted away from me

like a plastic bag

in autumn. 







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