I want to speak with my voice 

Affiliate with my vocals 

Alive no words to express 

Only anger frustration and stress

Arrangement of pain organising emotions around my heart 

This makes me insane 

Innocent people dead out of fatal attraction to there deadly addiction

Only possessed souls will follow the devil in action 

A clever soul will not fight for there dream yet be constant with it 

By living sleeping eating dreams digesting thoughts into minds concept 

Do not just believe in yourself as belief is not a physical action 

Do as you believe achievement Is felt through physical motion 

Not just mindless thought 

Who are you is only the answer to who you are 

There is no other you there are no other questions 

Why do I need a identity

I do not want to be known by the public addressed by society or forced into unstable rights 



If my power is not enough to say no 

Then do not ask me any questions 

As you do not give me any other choice but to give no answers 

My name you know me by is not my nature 

My name you know me by has nothing to do with me 

It is not my name it is only a trick name

To society to the government to enslave me through brutality 

Through unjustified laws of justice 

If I say to much that will give the officials to arrest me

change me into the person they think I am yet they have no proof 

first they will ask me to confirm my name as evidence 

I am who I am they only know me by name 

The world we live in is terrorised 

I smell fear on the most expensive collors 

I see war in the richest hands 

I see our world population as the poorest people 

Trapped in the planet 

Suffering by justice 

I cannot name names of the people behind this cruelty 

They are all nameless 

With a mistaken identity 

The Government !


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