Tasting love



/ Wife

Loving my wife 25/4/16

She breathes under me,

her body a rhythmic wave

timed perfectly. 

Our thrust and roll

are a beautiful dance

taking us out of ourselves

and into each other.

Her body contracts

in special secret ways

that only she and I know.

Her lips drink me,

her eyes own me.

I want nothing but her skin,

her touch is grounding

yet I soar...

Together we make new love,

old love reborn.

Souls intertwine,

bodies aching for one another,

bodies arching for each other.

I touch her in ways only I can,

I touch without touching.

My eyes spread love over her

like a comforter,

warm and immersive,

like a massage,

deep into her tissues.

She is mine

right here

right now.



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