Night shift demons



Some ramblings that occur to me while suffering through an abysmally long shift... painful as it can be, hence the darkness. ...

This is a massive time soak.
Here, in this place, hours become years.
Things move here, in the shadows,
On the fringes of awareness.

You're out there, somewhere,
Mingling amongst the shapeless things.
Merging with them.
Breeding their horror with yours.

You're out there, somewhere.

I can hear your keening voice,
Your wordless noises.
You are the susurrus at the limits of hearing.
You are the roar that fills my head.

You're out there, somewhere,
Blending into the blinding dark,
Limbs protruding at awkward angles.
I can't quite catch sight of you,
You nameless, shapeless thing.

You're out there, somewhere,
Hiding amongst those dark creatures,
With their salivating jaws and ragged breathing.

You are one of them.
With your jagged claws and teeth which cut yourself even as you snap at the air.

You're out there, somewhere,
Alone and crying against the dark.
I can see you, hear you, somehow,
At the edges of my perception.

You're out there, somewhere,

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