The Glass



Poetry about having a drink spiked

The bar is full of drinkers and smokers.
Crack head junkies dealers and dopers.
Gamblers placing bets.
Prostitutes selling there body to make rent.

Vulnerable woman wanting to meet there mate.
Some others waiting to meet there blind date.
Pool players winning a few quiet rounds
Business men talking money and the deal that's gone down.

There she sits all surreal and alone
He knows she's an easy target
It's her he will take home.

He makes his move
She excepts his drink.
She is mesmerised by his looks
But he is not what she thinks.

She turns her back to see the commotion
Drunks are throwing punches
He pulls out the potion.

She turns back around
Flashes him a smile.
Takes a swig at the unknown vile.

He pounces and takes control
She is his now
The drug has taken its toll

He takes her past the bouncers on the door
She looks like the rest of the patrons
Drunk to the core.

He puts her in the car in the blackness of the night
She is to intoxicated to put up a fight.
He takes her back to his place of sin
Another victim he has caught within.

She wakes the next morning in a public space.
Groggy and sick
With cuts on her face.

She contacts the police but can't recall
What happened to her the night before.
What caused her to be the victim of this evil farce
Then she remembers she drank from the glass.



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