Because when you have a love you can believe in, it is a wondrous thing...



In each stroke, every kiss,

All the love soaked hushed tones,

In the delicious delights

You have brought to my life.


In your touch close and clutching,

Lustful yet love filled,

In the intense intimate

Moments we share.


I can't get enough

Of the tease of your touch,

Our carnal closeness 

So strong.


We taste and we tremble

In excitement explored.

We are breathy and breathless 

Once more. 


We are feeling and fearless,

We cry and we crave,

We are one; we are whole,

We are "Us". 


In each stroke, every kiss, 

All the love soaked hushed tones, 

In every way,

I love you; I'm Yours.


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