Musical Ghost Homes



A malfunctioning computer wrote this poem about modern life. (Yes, really.) All I did was copy it to my notebook, switch a few sentences around, add spacing and punctuation, and then post it back on the net from whence it came.

Come at the movies, come.

     We need help choosing DVDs.

TV,  if these walls could talk,

     we'd all have musical ghost homes.

Comedy ghost home incoporated,

     advertise and ill-advise the press!

Leave your reviews, DVD fan!

     Want a forum of photos?

We stomp back yards of tears,

     but with an empty revolver,

we are Hog Wild Tigers.

     In home buzzers, bold titles,

tell us to marry in September,

     and divorce on Friday.

Call the school-worked pin-up girl

     tell her she should be all ours.

Trailers, clips and topless headline.

     Halfway down, a dot says,

"You are here."


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