Bleeding Hearts



That never quite reached the eyes.
Your face adorned with empty looks.
You thought no one noticed
The mask your wearing till now?

Sweet words...
Muttered under false pretense.
Saying Good Morning,
When the sun is falling.
You thought no one heard
The screams your voice is hiding?

Underneath your smooth skin.
Dressed to the nines,
When you felt like mourning.
You thought no one felt
The hurt you've been enduring?

Grazing the pallets.
Drinking wine, eating dessert
When all are stale and poison to the taste.
You thought no one had seen
You puking every after meal?

Draining your life away.
Going about daily routine,
Like everything's o'k.
You thought you're the only one
Trapped in this shithole called life?

Be still...
Your bleeding heart
Look out and see
Those around you
Those you left behind
Those you ignored
Those you have taken for granted
While trapped inside your own private hell

Be happy...
For everything you've got
For all that you would still have
For all that would come to pass.
For life goes on as it should
And would continue to unfold
No matter what,
The world is still beautiful.

©All Rights Reserved  2016

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