Shades of You 2 (of 3)



A nonlinear piece about the deep ins and outs of Your life...The Past

Shades of You II
By Christopher Michael Carter

You’re a seed, a cell
Tiny, insignificant 
Floating around in a fishbowl of millions like you
Your surroundings, number of residents grow and shrink regularly 
You’re nameless as are your compatriots
Every once in a while there’s an evacuation 
Those you knew are never seen again
Only to be replaced by others of the same make
On the next release, you’re caught in the current
In your new surroundings, you and the others find yourselves in a larger space
You swim
Magnetically drawn to something
A hub of sorts
An orb that you must be inside of
You don’t know why but you keep going
The others and yourself aren’t in competition
You don’t understand competition
You don’t know fight
You’re just drawn to the orb
It’s shield feels thick as most of the others can’t penetrate 
The magnetism fuels your drive and you continue
You’re through
The orb embraces you
You see others that had made it in
But the hub has rejected and they float lifeless
You don’t know fear or worry
Nor curiosity for that matter
This orb has selected you to survive 
Time passes
And it’s the first time in your life that you’re alone
A feeling you will understand later in life
You don’t understand that you’re being held
More time passes
You grow in ways you don’t understand
A physical structure
Eventually you see what is becoming
You see your new hands from your new eyes
They move, you move them
Yet you still don’t know what they are
Or what they’re for
Your surroundings are getting smaller
And smaller as time passes
You feel a connection to the one who holds you
The orb feeds you, nurtures you
You’re warm and its heartbeat soothes you
The hub stretches as you grow
You don’t understand what’s happening
You don’t even think about it
You just are
The time comes
Another evacuation
You’re not pulled out by a current
But the force of the hub pushing you out
Out of your comfort zone
Large hands pull you from your incubation
Your home
You see for the first time 
You cry and scream as you have no other forms of communication
You’re separated from the hub
From the orb
And your new life begins
With no knowledge of what will come
And no regrets of what was before the lights
All you know is that you're new here
And you desperately want the feeling you had in the orb

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