True Reflection of Trust Hope and Restoration



While I was dealing with the death of my daughter, I was aware that God's love for me , kept me sane. His love and care caused me to have peace in the storm, and hope for a beautiful future .



Your love takes away the dark .

Your love restores a broken heart .

Your love replaces fear with hope .

Your love makes the bitter sweet .


Your love makes the impossible possible .

Your intervention turns questions into answers .

Your voice turns whispers into thunder .

Your glory makes streams become oceans .


Your anointing proclaims Your purpose .

Your blessings bring boldness and strength .

Your wisdom brings understanding .

Your faithfulness brings assurance .


Your love is portrayed on Calvary's cross .

Your Son You did not spare .

Your love is indescribable , too deep to comprehend .

Your love is what we need the most .




( Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.)      Psalm 63 : 3


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