About That Time, Again



Oh, honey,
act your age,
and tell me you love me,
before we’re both dead.

You say you’ve got a novel in you,
so write your world on me.
Take me out,
because your anxious stares go nowhere,
but I know the night’s sky will have you under her spell,
in an instant.

I won’t be afraid of what’s in your heart,
if you’re unafraid of what lays under lace.
Run up the stairs,
then slide down the banister,
I would say play doctor,
but we don’t need the stress of an NHS schedule.

You say you’ve achieved nothing,
and I’m impressed but depressed,
by your apathy.
I can see the stars in your soul,
even when you can’t.

I just want to be in love,
and we’re old enough to be sensible,
and old enough to choose to be stupid.

Be sensible with me.
It’s about that time.
Be stupid with me.
It’s about that time.
Be with me.
It’s about that time, again.

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