Fragments 7



some short micro poems


There are no heroes,

only villains.

Lies, propaganda,

outright criminals;

and incalculable suffering ~

upon all civilians.




Rulers pause 

to gaze into the abyss 

while the world still turns ~

filled with violence, 

hate and prejudice.




Are we impervious

or maybe too blind to see?

That so many of our "scholars"

are just sycophants 

to despotic tyranny.


"We live in our palaces 

and you'll rot in the streets,"

Sycophants for tyranny

servants of the beast.




Solace is contentment

from the richness of the soul;

something worthy to attain,

a goal of this mortal world.




Behold a true blessing 

when one does know,

the captivating & kindest 

of human souls;

for elegance shines 

from her beautiful heart.





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