Dedicated to all my fellow suffers with the conditions Fibromyalgia and Osteo-Arthritis


Life and its trials and tribulations

Oh the pains

What have I done to be in this pain?

I just wish it would go

It’s driving me insane

I can’t walk, or talk!

Each step is like a knife

Being driven deep within my spine

Twisting, turning, burning

Drawing the madness, bringing the sadness

The crawling around on the floor

Not able to reach my own front door.


Everyone sees me as

The happy, smiley,

Carefree with energy

Oh how they could see

The pain that goes on

Behind that painted smile

Which only I put on

For all to see


I maybe the bravest of souls

But life goes on

Through the pain and tears

Through the years and my fears

I am not ready for that

Wheel chair just yet and you bet!

Not while my feet can

Carry me


© Teresa Joseph Franklin

19th August 2016

All Rights Reserved


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