Importance of spices in our daily life

You are a  blend of leaves and spices.
A culinary term,
And a part of  special trees.
You give us a distinctly unique aroma
With  flavor.
A pinch of you releases,
An aromatic breeze,
Right from the kitchen,
To the neighborhood area,
You bring  warmth down,
well so smoothly.
Your  beguiling fragrance,
Draws customers into shops.
You play  an important role,
You are a key to flavor,
For  authentic traditional dishes,
Or in unusual and unexpected ways
You  do more than just flavor food.
Yours are adorned with medicinal skill
That  help us  cut back on an unhealthy diet.
You are in a way cure for many diseases.
I can’t Imagine my  food without any of you.
Unimaginable, is it?

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