Death comes to us all, despite those we leave behind

Sometimes I wonder about my own demise, what is to come.  Will there be suffering, longevity of illness?  Who will ultimately be there with me or do I die alone.  Having watched or felt a number of those I knew and loved, slip away, some suffering for years fighting to stay alive, some dying peacefully in their sleep, I just can't help but to wonder how I will leave this realm — this is one way.



Love me to the very end
even if you have to pretend
hold me through the excruciating pain
meds only making fantasies skip in my head

My time has come but to succumb
I must take the journey through the stages
leaving me lingering;

Stay with me until the conclusion
forcing memories of better times
to dance in my head with experiences
we have both shared;

Hold me when the illness engulfs me
leaving me weak from the intensity
as the ravenous disease, ravages my body.

To begin, we hit the ground running
with not one look back only moving forward
we were committed in life but now we must part
but until that time…

I hope you have no regrets for I will be waiting
on the other side with open arms and smiles
upon your inevitable demise, just stay with me now,
it shouldn’t be much longer



© 2016 Connie Jordan
All Rights Reserved

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