One for the kitties. Glad they don't swim.



Lover of all animals but, I love to animate even more...From "The Next Ninety-Nine Rhymes, Times and Sign of Blundering Catfish Mischief"

A catfish's cat-fishing expedition
There's a fisher of kitties on down by the stream.
He fishes with whiskers from his face, it would seem.
Wiggling and twitching like tails of some string.
Giggling and bewitching, sweetly singing with each fling.
Cats all hunt fish, but not the other way 'round.
That's why they're swimming and not on the ground.
Most kitties loathe water and once this catfish had found,
whipped up this ditty to trick the kitty in a dippy, but not drowned.
The trap is now set, low and still where he's at...
the path to the bait holds a luring tailSpLaT!...
Then a snap! And like that, he rapidly grabbed the cat!
And with nose close and a prose dose, he douses mouser in a bath!
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