You're only growing old



A poem I wrote a couple of years ago based on some of my own personal life experiences, as well as the life experiences of others to give a friend of mine something to think about. Enjoy.....

Nobody ever promised you
that life would always go your way.

No page was ever recorded in history
of anything you've ever had to say.

You cannot project moonbeams.
You cannot raise the dead.

You have the rage of a bull, and the smarts of a brick!
Dude!!! What in the hell is going on in your head???

But I'm not sitting here casting blame -
I'm not here to humiliate, or chastise you.

I'd only like to give you some sage advice -
from a woman that's been around life's block a time or two.

Perhaps you've been taught that you're all that matters....
Perhaps you think you're the Gods' greatest gift to the earth.

Well, friend? I, too, once thought like you -
and it took some painful lessons for me to understand my true worth!

For instance, karma decided that I tragically lose
my first wife, and our precious, innocent child.

I see that your family is still together and happy -
you don't have grief and rage to drive you wild.

You have a good paying job, and you're in excellent health.
Now...wouldn't it be a bruise to your ego and pride,

If you were permanently injured one day while at work,
and for your family you could no longer provide???

And because of a disagreement with your father -
because among other reasons you don't agree with his future wife...

You're going to throw a tantrum like a small child,
and hatefully erase them both from your life???

Kid?? My advice to you is simple, and "straight-up"...
but I'm not saying it like a lady with poise and class.

Get your ego out of the clouds, GROW UP at least a little!
And get your head out of your ass!!

You have a family that LOVES you, man!
Don't push them away! Don't curse them to hell!

After all, you may need them to have your back some day,
when life turns catastrophic, and all's not going well!

And remember that the way you're now acting out
isn't "big", it's not "grown-up", it's nothing "bold".

It only proves that you're not maturing.....
the solemn truth is you're only growing old.

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