You Are Out There



The search for you, perfect you, been taking too long, need to find you soon now!

You are out there
I know
I see you
I see you glow
burn a memory in my soul
Which way to go?

You are out there
Nowhere in the daylight
Only at night do I see you
Dream or real, beautiful sight
Mind is full
Full of the vision of us

I know for sure
You are out there
Whiskey brings a blur
Want for you is so strong
Hold you, ohhh for so long
Hold you tonight, inside a song

You are out there
I know
My heart feels you closer
Give you a kiss
Hold you as we sway
Hours pass
Night turns to day

You are out there
I know
With me now
Body and soul
Body, heart and soul
Our love
Flows and flows and flows

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