The following poem describes a tragic life, "Moving On".

                                                                         Moving On



                                                                           Of what comes next,

                                                                           She clung to Life

                                                                           By a thread.


                                                                          Though her suffering

                                                                          Gave no relief,

                                                                         The Unknown, to her,

                                                                         Was filled with dread.


                                                                        Her life on Earth

                                                                       Was filled with pain;

                                                                       No love she knew--

                                                                       No love she gave.


                                                                      A desert with ne'er drop of rain,

                                                                     Yet still she clung,

                                                                     With iron will...

                                                                     `Till she lay still.


                                                                    And then, soft peace

                                                                    Spread `cross her face,

                                                                   All fight and fear,

                                                                   Had been erased.


                                                                  All sorrow gone,

                                                                  All grief released...

                                                                  All pain had ceased.




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