feeling a bit silly



I really wanted to put a direct question to the Scriggler guys who run the show but maybe putting it here will help other learners and waders through the mires and the dires of the internet. I'll be as brief as possible. The piece I wrote entitled "Dire Day Coincidences" is getting more readers and retweets than I expected. Although it's about dire day and coincidence and gambling I'm not sure whether its readers are all compulsive gamblers or guys and gals interested in bad days and coincidences. Question : Apart from thanking those who have taken the time to read the piece, is there any way to put increased audience interest to useful use? When a scriggler sees one piece of writing strutting for more than a minute on that big stage out there, what can he or she do? Can some advice be given? With thanks. Or is the answer to my question just be happy with the interest and keep trying to write interesting writing?


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