What I’m most afraid of



I’ve been asked a very serious question the other day… what are you afraid of the most? Without even thinking about it, my quick answer was simple…losing my kids and husband.

I think about this at times, what my life would be like without my kids or husband. I tried thinking about it and I know one thing is for sure…it would be dull and boring. My family really does fill up my day and every day is an unexpected adventure!

Losing them in my life would devastate me and leave me super heart broken. I wouldn’t be able to see my kids’ faces again or be able to hear their giggly voices in the morning.

I wouldn’t able to talk to my husband about my day or be able to share moments with him that I enjoy very much with him. I wouldn’t be able to hear his voice or talk about building our goals and dreams together.

The thought of not ever seeing them again brings horrible goosebumps down my arms. The thought of not being able to bond with my baby anymore almost brings me to tears.

I love my family very much. They mean nothing but the world to me. My kids have always been nothing but a blessing and each passing day I’m very grateful that I have them here with me and very healthy.

Me and my husband may go through our ups and downs and disagreements but I know without him I really wouldn’t be the women that I am today. Having him in my life has been nothing but an amazing roller roster of a ride and I can’t wait to see what the rest of our live will bring.

This question was definitely a no brainer. Not having my small (but really large) family around would be not only devastating to my life but it would leave my heart and soul empty.

What are you afraid of the most in life?

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